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Announcing Hymnals Version 2.0

May 8, 2020

The first version of the Hymnals app was launched to the Apple App Store in 2013.  Over the years, we have added features and upgraded third party libraries.  However, the codebase was becoming dated and difficult to maintain.  Over the last year, we’ve totally re-developed the Hymnals App.  All the same features from version 1.x exist in the new version.  We’ve added one new feature that we have big plans to build upon.

In addition to now supporting iPhones, users will now be able to backup and restore all their Hymnals data to the secure Hymnals Cloud provided by GIA Publications, Inc and powered by Amazon Web Services(AWS). 

Since this new version of the Hymnals app uses a different data structure, the first time you open the app after updating, the app will perform a data migration.  This only takes a few seconds depending on the amount of data stored in the Hymnals app.


Launch Date: Monday May 25th, 2020