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Popular Hymnals on your iPad/iPhone for Church Congregations, Choirs, and Musicians 

Requires iOS 14 or greater.

Annotations created in the original Hymnals App will not transfer to the new Hymnals 2 App.

Purchase Popular Hymnals


Using the Store section of the app, you can purchase pew, choir, guitar, keyboard, B-flat instrument, and C instrument versions of many of popular hymnals.  Prices are similar to the prices of the printed versions of the hymnals.  

  • Gather 4th Edition – Pew, Choir, Keyboard, Guitar, Lead Sheet, C Instrument, B-flat Instrument, E-flat Instrument, Lectionary Psalms, and Melody & Keyboard
  • Gather 3rd Edition – Pew, Choir, Keyboard, Guitar, C Instrument,  B-flat Instrument, and E-flat Instrument
  • Worship 4th Edition – Pew, Choir, Keyboard, Guitar, C Instrument, B-flat Instrument, E-flat Instrument, and Vocal Descants
  • Ritual Song 2nd Edition – Pew, Choir, Keyboard, Guitar, Lead Sheet, C Instrument, and B-flat Instrument
  • Divine Office Hymnal
  • Oramos Cantando – Pew, Guitar
  • Lead Me, Guide Me 2nd Edition – Pew, Keyboard
  • One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism – Pew, Keyboard
  • The Lyric Psalter – Solemnities, Feasts, and Other; Cycle A; Cycle B; Cycle C
  • Cry Out With Joy – Solemnities, Feasts, and Other; Cycle A; Cycle B; Cycle C
  • Gelineau Lectionary Psalms
  • Guimont Lectionary Psalms
  • Psalms for All Seasons
  • Voices Together – Pew, Keyboard, and Worship Leader
  • Voices – Pew and Keyboard



Search by Title

Tap the search icon to search by title keyword

Search by Hymn Number

Tap the number pad icon to search by hymn number

Audio Clips

Play audio clips of hymns(if available)

Import PDFs

Import PDFs from Dropbox to supplement your hymns


Add drawings, text, and notes to hymns

Service Lists

Create and share service lists

Side by Side

Side by side page viewing in landscape orientation

Backup to Cloud

Backup all your data to the Hymnals Cloud and restore on any of your iOS devices.  If you upgrade your device, just install the Hymnals app, login, then restore all the data from your last backup. 

Data that is backed up:

  • Purchased Hymnals
  • Imported PDFs
  • Annotations
  • Service Lists