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How do I use this app?

Check out the Features page of this website for explanations of how to use the features of this app.

How can I migrate from the original Hymnals App to the new Hymnals 2 App?

If you are currently a user of the original Hymnals App, migrating from the original Hymnals App to the new Hymnals 2 App is easy. Follow the steps below.  (Annotations created in the original Hymnals App will not transfer to the new Hymnals 2 App.)



  1. On the original Hymnals App, login to your account in the Account view.
  2. After you are logged in, on the Account view click on the blue “Back up now” button. Wait for the backup to complete.
  3. Once the original Hymnals App backup is complete, login to the new Hymnals 2 App.
  4. While logged in in the Hymnals 2 App, on the Account view, select the “Restore” link on the most recent backup. The date and time should match the date and time you backed up the original Hymnals App. 
  5. Wait for the restore process to complete. Then navigate to the Library view to watch your purchased hymnals download. Let the hymnals completely download before closing the app.
Why launch a new app and not just make these improvements to the original app?

There are two reasons why we are keeping the original Hymnals App –

  1. The navigation of hymn pages and of hymns is much different.  It may take some users some time to become familiar with the new navigation. We want to give existing  users the opportunity to try the new Hymnals 2 App before making the switch.

  2. The technologies used to make annotations in the new Hymnals 2 App is much different than the original Hymnals App.  Any annotations created in the original Hymnals App will not migrate to the new Hymnals 2 App. This may cause some users of the original Hymnals App to not want to switch right away.
What version of iOS is required?

Version 14 or greater for Hymnals 2

Version 9 or greater for the original Hymnals App.

What is new and different in Hymnals 2?

There are quite a few changes and improvements to Hymnals 2.  Click here for the run down. 

Is there an Android version of the Hymnals App?

There is an older version of the Hymnals app for Android.  However, there are no plans to continue the development of the Android version.

I have purchased a hymnal through the Android version of the Hymnals app. How can I transfer my purchase to the iOS(iPad/iPhone) version of the Hymnals app?

Install the most current Hymnals app to your iOS device from the Apple app store. In the “Account” area of the app, login to your account.  Then email [email protected] proof of your Android purchase and the email address of your account. We can then assign the hymnal to your account that will automatically download to your device.
Types for proof of Android purchase:  

  • Screenshot of hymnal installed on your Android device.
  • An email receipt of the hymnal purchase from the Google Play store.  
Does the Hymnals app work on the Microsoft Surface or the Amazon Kindle Fire?

There are no versions of the Hymnals app that work on Microsoft Surface or the Amazon Kindle Fire.

I purchased the wrong hymnal or I’m unhappy with my purchase. May I recieve a refund?

Unfortunately, since the purchase was made either though the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, we are unable to offer a refund.

Will the Hymnals app be adding WLP publications?

Yes. We have plans to be adding WLP publications in the near future.

Am I able to print hymnal pages to my printer?

No. Due to copyright agreements with artists and publishers, the app is unable to print hymnal pages to a printer.

Can I transfer my purchased hymnal to ForScore?

Not currently, but maybe in the future.  We are working with ForScore to provide GIA publications in ForScore while protecting the copyright agreements of the artists. 

How do I delete an annotation?

While in annotation mode, tap on the annotation that you would like to delete. The annotation will begin to pulsate and a secondary menu will appear at the top of the screen.  Tap the trash can icon to delete the annotation.

How do I hide the navigation to display more of the page?

In the Hymnals 2 app, just a single tap in the center of the screen will toggle full screen mode.  In the original Hymnals app you must double tap in the center of the screen to toggle full screen mode. 

I can only see the first several pages of the hymnal. Where is the rest of the hymnal?

The rest of your hymnal is downloaded.  It’s just a different way of navigating.  The first part of the hymnal is the title section with credits, acknowlegments, history, etc.  To navigate to the next hymn, swipe from right to left, or tap the right side of your screen.

Why are the audio samples are not working?

Only some of the hymnals have access to recorded audio samples a portion of the hymns.  When these are available, the speaker icon will be available to tap.  Tapping on the speaker icon will launch a small audio player to play the audio clip. If you cannot hear the sample play –

  • Make sure your device is not in “Silent Mode”.  On iPhones, this is a switch on the side of the device. On the iPad, it’s in the settings or swiping down from the top right corner of the screen.
  • Make sure that your volume is up and that you can hear the selected audio output on your device.
  • Check to that your device is not connected to an external speaker that you cannot hear.
  • An internet connection is required to listen to audio samples.
Does the Hymnals app display more than one page on the screen at a time?

Hymnals 2 app has the ability to display pages side by side in landscape orientation.  The original Hymnals app only displays one page at a time.